Green and Yellow Garden Bean, All Pod Mix - Bush Bean


Green and Yellow Garden Bean, All Pod Mix - Bush Bean


Ships January 2018
We trial many beans every year at the farm to determine the top performers and record their characteristics.  We produce this mixture from the best performing stringless, tender pod yellow wax and green pod beans both present and past.  There are over a dozen cultivars including new releases as well as old tried and true varieties in this mix so you will experience lots of diversity.   You will be picking beans through the summer since the included early and late kinds will extend your harvest window.  Mostly round, smooth and long pods but we also include flat Romano types for your enjoyment.    
45 to 60 days. 

140 seeds (15 ft row)

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Green and Wax Bush Garden Beans
Packets will plant a 15 ft. row (140-150 seeds)

One planting will keep a family of three in fresh tender pod beans harvesting the beans two or three times a week during their short production period.  Bush beans are determinate and typically bear over two or three weeks if the young pods are kept picked before the seeds develop.  For a continued harvest through the summer make successive plantings every few three or four weeks until late summer and 10 weeks before the first fall frost.  A late May planting of beans (when soil is warm) is an easy productive, sure crop for gardeners with few disease and pest problems.  

We sow the first beans at the last frost date which is always a risk.  Cold soil can cause seed which is not treated with a fungicide to rot and germination can be erratic.  There is some evidence that dark seeded varieties are more able to germinate under cold soil conditions than white seeded kinds.  Seeds are directly sown in a furrow about an inch deep and 3-4 inches apart.  No need to thin seedlings.  It’s unusual but you can sow seeds indoors a week or two before transfer to the garden at one seedling every 6 inches.  Make sure that you have enough sunlight to keep the seedlings from becoming leggy if you are starting them on a window sill.

We like young beans lightly steamed and then immersed in an oil and vinegar dressing with thin slices on onion, salt and pepper and then chilled for a refreshing salad or tossed into the pan after they are steamed or parboiled with oil and seasonings and maybe stir fry with other vegetables.  Kids will eat the young pods off the plants in the garden.  Try yellow and purple beans for a treat.

Beans seldom cross due to their flower structure so saving pure seed should be easy even if you are growing different kinds.  Let pods fully mature and turn tan or brown while on the plant.  Dry so they are crispy and thrash to remove the seeds out of their pods.