Chicory Puntarelle


Chicory Puntarelle

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The original seed was from a private collector in Formia, Italy.  Well known gourmet delicacy green. Best sown in Fall.

Grown at Invincible Summer Farms, Southold, NY

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Chicory / Raddichio / Endive / Escarole

A packet sows a 10 ft row (250 seeds)

Chicory and endive are cool weather greens which do not like summer heat.  Plant seed in the garden before the last frost date scattering them 2-3 per inch and transplant the seedlings when they are 2 inches tall.  You can also sow the seeds indoors if you have a sunny cool windowsill to use.  Fertilizer and irrigation is necessary to produce a crop that grows quick and steady.

For fall crops (chicory and endive can tolerate frost well) start the seeds in mid July.  Some leafy raddichio will put on a colorful display in the colder weather.  The broad leaved escarole is at it’s best in the cooler fall weather also.