Endive and Escarole Mixed


Endive and Escarole Mixed


Ships January 2018
What is the difference between endive and escarole?  Only cosmetic.  Endives produce large rosettes of curly or even frizzy leaves and escarole has smoother leaves.  Between Chicory and Endive, some greater differences but they are much the same.  If you would like to grow for early summer harvest before it becomes hot and your harvest becomes too bitter start the seed early.  For fall and winter crops sow in summer.  Moisture and fertility matters since plants that are kept continuously growing will be more mild in flavor.  Fine in salads but also try as a stir fry with olive oil with some seasoning like cayenne, salt and pepper.

75-100 days              

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Chicory / Raddichio / Endive / Escarole

A packet sows a 10 ft row (250 seeds)

Chicory and endive are cool weather greens which do not like summer heat.  Plant seed in the garden before the last frost date scattering them 2-3 per inch and transplant the seedlings when they are 2 inches tall.  You can also sow the seeds indoors if you have a sunny cool windowsill to use.  Fertilizer and irrigation is necessary to produce a crop that grows quick and steady.

For fall crops (chicory and endive can tolerate frost well) start the seeds in mid July.  Some leafy raddichio will put on a colorful display in the colder weather.  The broad leaved escarole is at it’s best in the cooler fall weather also.