Parsley Mix


Parsley Mix


Ships January 2017

(Petroselinum crispum)
Why not grow both moss curled decorative kinds as well as the plain leaved flavorful Italian kinds?  Here is the ultimate parsley mix in one packet.
55-100 days             

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A packet of sows a 10 ft row (200 seeds)

Sow the seed in a pot or flat indoors and maintain a warm soil temperature (80° F) and moist soil conditions until germination but use care in transplanting to the garden.  Some people plant the seed directly in the garden a few seeds per inch early in the season covering with 1/4 inch of soil.  The seeds may take several weeks to germinate in the garden but the plants are hardy, robust and a bit of crowding seems fine in this crop. While germinating don’t let the seed dry out.  Parsley will winter over and bolt into seed early summer the following year.