Break O'Day

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Break O'Day

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An old heirloom and used commercially starting in the 1930’s. The earliest historical record states in USDA circular 218, 1932 the following -


By Fred J. Pritchard*, formerly Senior Physiologist, 1 and William S. Porte,
Assistant Pathologist, Division of Horticultural Crops and Diseases, Bureau
of Plant Industry


The new early Break o' Day tomato was produced in the Division
of Horticultural Crops and Diseases of the Bureau of Plant Industry,
United States Department of Agriculture. It originated from a
cross between the Marglobe and the Marvana made in the department
greenhouses at Washington, in 1923. "

The circular then goes on to say that it was superior to the leading tomato of the its class, "Earliana".

I was really surprised at how productive and uniform the fruit was. The plant habit remained mid-height between two and three feet. Mid-sized slicer. Grown at Invincible Summer Farms.


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