Missouri Giant


Missouri Giant


Old varietythat more than likely originated with the Archias' Seed Store in Sedalia, Missouri. They report in their 1919 catalog the following -

"Archias' Missouri Giant Tree Tomato".

The “Jumbo’’ of All Tomatoes

The largest fruited of the Climbing Tomatoes, bearing enor-
mous crops from early harvest until killed by frost. Solid-
meated, fine flavored, well colored, bright red fruit, ripening
well up to the stem; unexcelled for keeping, shipping, canning,
preserving or prepared fresh for the table. The greatest drouth
resisting large tomato known, holding its large size and fine
quality during the entire summer, when other varieties are
dried up. Shape round and smooth. The yield of this tomato
is simply enormous, one bushel having been picked off a sin-
gle plant in one picking. Well cultivated plants have attained
the height of 10 feet, and 9 feet across. This should not be
classed with other so-called Tree Tomatoes of some houses, as
it is the only genuine Giant Tree Tomato of the kind now in
existence. Price, full size pkt., 20c; 3 pkts. for 50c; '/4 oz.,
40c; '/2 oz., 75c; 1 oz,, $1.25; by mail, postpaid. 


Nice prolific slicing beefsteak. We have found this to also be a pretty good processing tomato. The flesh is dense and holds up nicely even when off the vine for some time.

25 - 40 seeds per pack

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