White Orient Mix - White Turnip

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White Orient Mix - White Turnip


Ships January 2017
This is a mix of small white turnips mostly from Japan.  They are all round, white kinds which are almost as fast as radishes to mature and can be harvested up to 3 inches without any loss of their delicate sweet flavor and crisp texture.  I often prefer these over radishes for fresh eating just because they are so sweet and mild.  Sow for an early summer or fall crop since they are at their best in cool conditions.  Use the greens for sauté or steaming but the roots are the real delight.
35-45 days   

(200 seeds)   10 ft row

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Packet plants 10 ft row (200 seeds)

You can sow turnip seed around the average last frost date;  mid April in zone 7 and continue to sow seed every 2-3 weeks through early summer and again in late summer for production into early winter.   You will have plenty of turnips over a long harvest period by succession planting.  

Sow the seeds in drill where they are to grow thinly at a rate of 20 seeds per foot and cover the seed with 1/2 of fine soil.   The best turnips are grow rapidly in potassium rich soils rich in trace elements.  Drought and other stress conditions delay growth adversely and affect the crop.  Gold Ball is a turnip that is best sown in mid summer for a fall harvest.

A late crop of turnips heavily mulched will allow you to harvest the roots into the winter.  They can also be stored as a “root cellar” crop where winters are too cold.

Most turnips have to go through a winter period of vernalization to flower.  The abundant pods should be swollen and start to turn color.  We generally will pull the plants and then allow them to further ripen in a dry area.  The pods have to be thoroughly dry to easily thrash the pods (on a tarp) and release the seed.  Some turnips are B. rapa and will cross with Raab Broccoli.